For performers

This page is designed to assist performers in planning for their appearance.

The headline artist(s) each month can expect payment for their appearance based on audience numbers. Our current venue has seating for approximately 60 people. HKFC retains enough to cover our operating costs and the remaining fees are paid to the performers’ representative.

On the third Friday of the month, set up begins at 6 pm and the audience members arrive from 6:30. A sound check can be requested after hall setup is completed.

The night’s program begins with floor spots if any; these are usually completed before 7:30 pm unless a variation has been notified. We can also schedule two independent feature artists on a night. In this case we would negotiate the schedule with both. Generally a paid performance runs for the full night after the floor spot(s) or is shared with another paid performer; before and after our supper break.

Approximate timingsPerformance details
7 pm to 7:20 or 7:30Welcome, AoC, Floor spots
to approximately 8:15Introduction of feature artist, set one
to approximately 8:45Supper, meet the artist, merch sales
to approximately 9:45Feature artist set two
to 10 pmPerformer and hall pack up, hall vacated by 10 pm

The club has some equipment: spot lights, two microphones, two microphone stands, a Bose PA system with woofer, an analog mixer with eight inputs, one stool. Beatrice Taylor Hall has a stage which we don’t tend to use unless the artist specifically requests this.

Sometimes, at the request of Hornsby Council, we need to move to Storey Park Community Hall which is near Asquith railway station.

To assist your planning please check this link to see our planning so far for 2024. That page will be updated as soon as a booking is confirmed by both the performer and HKFC.

Note that any performers’ guests will be expected to pay the entry fee.

We may record the performance, may take photos or video and may live stream the performance to members.  If you have any concerns about this please advise on the form below. Note that if preferred we can show the media to you or your representative prior to publication.

If you would like access to our recordings for your own use, let us know and we may be able to oblige.  However, we are only recording for our archives and the quality may not be perfect for your use.

Please complete the performers form and we will get in touch asap.

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Note, as a not for profit club, we have limited equipment available.
We will reserve table seating for the group. Please provide names.
We will reserve table seating for the group. Please provide names.